three stonesHave you ever wondered if mindfulness meditation might benefit you? Or perhaps you have a practice and are looking for some folks to meditate with.  Whatever your interest may be, we welcome you. Research indicates that mindfulness meditation can reduce stress, boost the immune system, strengthen areas of the brain that improve attention, and reduce anxiety and depression. Come see for yourself! Each Friday meeting will include meditation, discussion, and time for questions.  Cultivating mindfulness is a skillful way to meet these tumultuous times with greater steadiness and kindness. Join us any Friday, we are stronger together.

3:00 – 4:00 p.m. 
Ann Gosling
About Anne Gosling
Anne Gosling Ph. D is a yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher whose passion is cultivating mindfulness. MBSR is the 8-week program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at UMass Medical Center where she completed MBSR teacher training. Anne has taught MBSR as well as yoga at MaineHealth and previously in Washington DC. She combines over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, teacher and trainer to facilitate and support health in the community, workplace, and health care settings.
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