By appointment only curbside pick-up

Although our building is closed to the public, we are still busy providing services for you! You can place holds on library items from our own collection as well as those owned by participating Minerva libraries.

Once your items are ready to go, we’ll call you or send an email, and you can schedule a time to pick them up using the calendar below.

Note: This service is currently available only to TML card holders.


If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask by email or phone at 799-1720!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Request What I Want?

You can find basic instructions on how to place a hold here.

What Are You Doing to Ensure Materials I Borrow Are Safe?

According to CDC Guidelines and multiple studies about the viability of the Novel Coronavirus on surfaces, time is the best disinfectant. Therefore, all materials returned to us by other borrowers are being quarantined for a period of 72 hours before being checked in. Because of this, you will continue to see items you have borrowed show up on your account for three days after you have returned them. 

How Do I Know When My Requested Items Are Available?

Once we have received your request and retrieved your items, you will get either an email or a phone call from us to let you know that your items are available. This process may take a bit longer than usual due to the fact that we have limited staff in the building and are operating under unusual conditions. Once you receive notification that your requested items are available, you can schedule a time to come and pick them up.

What Happens When I Come to Pick Up My Items?

When you arrive at the library at your scheduled time, please pull up in front of the building at the pick-up area. Please remain in your car and call us at 799-1720 (the number will be posted on a sign outside) to let us know you are here. A librarian will bring your materials in a bag, already checked out to you, to a table in front of the building. Once the librarian has returned to the building, please exit your car and pick your bagged materials. 

What If I Am Unable to Leave My Home?

If you are unable to leave your home to pick up your items, you can arrange for home delivery. Please contact Kevin Goody to make those arrangements.

What Do I Do With Items I Am Returning?

Please place all returned items in the library book drop. 

Thank you for following these guidelines!