The Search and Recovery of JFK Jr, America's Son

May 29, 2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The Inner Workings Behind the Search and Recovery Effort –
And Why Some People Live and Others Die in an Emergency

Capt. Russell Webster was the Coast Guard’s incident commander for portions of the 1999 search and recovery of JFK Jr.’s plane from waters near Martha’s Vineyard. He will discuss those operations. And, based on his eight years as New England’s first FEMA Federal Preparedness Coordinator, he’ll discuss the science behind how individuals determine risk – and why some live and others die during emergencies.

More about our presenter, Capt. Russell Webster
Captain Webster retired from federal service in 2015 after 42 years with the US Coast Guard, TSA, and FEMA. He is credited with enhancing the Coast Guard’s awareness of post traumatic stress on rescuers, co-leading the effort to form TSA screening teams at non-aviation transportation venues, co-leading the effort to use behavioral detection technologies, and forming FEMA’s engagement with over 200 New England colleges and universities. He also championed FEMA’s first regional elementary school preparedness program. He is currently a consultant, advising colleges on homeland security and emergency management, and gives lectures on leadership to a mix of audiences. He lives in Cape Elizabeth and has authored four books about his experiences with historical Coast Guard rescues.

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