Chess Club

September 14, 2019
9:00 am - 11:00 am

chess boardChess enthusiasts of all ages welcome!

This long-standing community-based chess club meets every Saturday, and has found a new home here at Thomas Memorial Library! 

For years the club ran in different locations, first in the Cape Elizabeth Community center, then in the Buzz coffee shop in town. Starting this year, the club has found a new home within the walls of the Thomas Memorial Library!

Managed by chess fan and parent of chess players, Eric Dinnerstein, prior secretary of the Maine Chess Association, each meeting usually attracts 10-20 players. A chess tactic/strategy is usually reviewed and exercised during the meet.

Champions have grown from the chess club, including the Cape Elizabeth Middle School Chess Team, and the Pond Cove Elementary School Chess Team (novice section.) High school players, members of the Cape Elizabeth High School Chess Team, are mentors for the younger players. During the world chess championships which take place every 1-2 years, games are broadcasted live during the club meet with local commentary.

Players outside the school system are encouraged to join in the fun! For years we have been hosting retirees and other chess enthusiasts. Occasionally we are honored to have a special guest: Home grown Matthew Fishbein, national chess master, and the 2018 Maine Chess champion! When he pays a visit we usual challenge him with a “Sim” game- Matthew playing 5-6 players at a time (or more!). If we are lucky, he sometimes demonstrates blindfold chess!  Last year the chess club hosted its first chess tournament on National chess day. We plan to host 1-2 tournaments this coming season!

Please consider joining our club! 

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