April 27, 2019
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

As part of our 100th year Anniversary Celebration, we are hosting a lively, informative “Discover Your Civil War Ancestors” presentation and mini-workshop. Our host is historian Clay Feeter from York, Maine.

“Millions of Americans have Civil War ancestors, yet most of us don’t know the full story of their service, what battles they fought in, and what kind of lives they lead for those four hard years of our nation’s greatest conflict.”
We’ll start with an informative and interactive talk followed by a hands-on workshop where each participant will learn how to do “live” Civil War ancestor searches. Bring in any information you have about your possible Civil War kin: full names, birth and death dates, states where they lived in 1861-1865, etc. Note: most Civil War aged soldiers were born between 1815-1847.

Then Clay will help unearth and bring stories to life about where your ancestors fought, marched, were wounded, captured, and even where they died.

Remember: You have 8 sets of great-great grandparents, and 4 sets of great grandparents! Don’t forget to bring any data you have on maternal lines.

Please bring your own laptop if you want to work from that. Or you can work on one of the library computers. 

Do you have family stories buried in history? Come find out! Your grandchildren will thank you.

Here’s more about our presenter
Clay Feeter has performed more than 8,300 Civil War ancestor searches over the past 20 years. His goal is to teach the best methods of doing fun research on your soldier-ancestor’s stories to life, but also to present a very visual Powerpoint show that helps you understand the hardships and triumphs of those at home – the soldier’s wives; our great grandmothers who were left to run the farms. “We often think that only our Civil War soldier-ancestors felt the hardships of that great conflict, but the reality is that the families and the homefront had it just as hard, if not harder,” says Feeter. “This was, in fact, the era that stepped up the women’s rights movement.”

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