October 24, 2019
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Picture this:

“Four weeks after a plague has swept the world  – a virus that unlocks the genetic insanities that lurk in all of us. A world gone mad…

The epidemic affected everyone, the entire human race has gone insane. Now the incapable mad – the catatonic, depressed, schizophrenic – are dead. The only ones left are the functional insane. Megalomaniacs, psychotics, those whose insanities are adaptive in this new world, roam the land, preying on the weak.

A small band who believe themselves still sane fight for survival and the chance to build a better life. But are they really sane, or are they just deluding themselves?”

We hope you’ll join us to meet Cape Elizabeth author Lee Rutty and hear more.

Here’s more about Lee Rutty
Born in 1963, Lee Rutty had one ambition: to write compelling science-fiction stories and novels. He even put down on his first apartment lease, under Profession: Writer. Real life intervened. He wasn’t seasoned enough as a human being or writer to make that happen, so instead he spent 30 years building a family and a career in IT. From code monkey to manager, he clawed his way up the ladder. He hasn’t quit his day job, but finally he has re-started his first and dearest dream, and has taken up writing again – hopefully more seasoned, both as a person and a writer.


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