October 10, 2019
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Photo by Jan Myers

Please join us with Conservation Biologist Geri Vistein to learn more about who this important and resilient carnivore is. This talk will center on “Perceptions and Relationships”… Coyote and Native Americans and European Americans, Coyote’s relationship with other wildlife and the ecosystem, and Coyote and us…how do we share our lives with Coyote.

This presentation gives our community members a chance to come together and share your own stories, ask questions, and share a dialogue that helps us understand better our very deep rooted relationships with all life, including our fellow humans.

Come hear the Song Dogs Sing!

To learn more about Coyotes, go to Geri Vistein’s educational website ~ www.CoyoteLivesinMaine.org





Words of praise for our Presenter
“Geri Vistein’s presentation was one of the best we’ve had here at the library. Geri’s energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of her subject kept the audience enthralled. Best of all, the presentation had a truly transformative effect on the people who attended, including myself. Even those who already had an appreciation for Coyotes, left with a new awareness of these remarkable creatures.”
 ~ Rachel Davis, Assistant Director, Thomas Memorial Library

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