New E-Books, Just For You!


Thomas Memorial Library has begun a new collection of e-books in addition to what is available on the Maine Infonet consortium. Unlike the rest of our Overdrive e-book collection, which is shared with all Maine library patrons on the consortium, the new Advantage selection is only available to our patrons at Thomas Memorial Library, which will dramatically reduce wait times for that new book you’ve been holding out for!

Remember, these titles are for YOU, our patrons, but the only way our system knows it’s you is if you sign in to your account when browsing our selection.

If you see the following logo, then you know we own a personal copy!

We’re excited to start building our selection, and we hope you’ll enjoy!

If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out this e-book presentation!

NEW: Print From Your Laptop or Mobile Device!

We are pleased to announce the implementation of Printeron, a service which allows our patrons to print from their laptops, tablets, phones or any other mobile devices with wireless access!

This can be done in one of three ways, depending on your preference.

1. You can navigate to this web site on your browser, fill in your e-mail address and select the document you wish to print. You will be provided a 6-digit code which the circulation staff will use to unlock your print job at the desk.

2. You can send your document as an e-mail attachment to the following address: After a few seconds, you’ll receive an automated reply with your code.

3. If you are using an Apple or Android mobile device, you can download the Printeron app from the App Store or Google Play, respectively. From within the app, choose “Explorer” and navigate to the file on your phone where the document is located.

Please remember to bring your code to the circulation desk; the staff will need it to access your print job!

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