Nearaway Places: Explore, then Eat!

Thursday, July 12
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
How much fun is it to jump in the car, explore a new place in Maine, AND have a terrific meal? 
Maine author Lois Stailing liked the idea so much, she wrote a book about it! Nearaway Places will introduce you to some of Maine’s most beautiful scenic and historic places. And she’ll direct you to a fabulous meal nearby.
More about Lois Stailing
A Maine native, Lois earned her BA in history from the University of Maine. Her love of history and travel led her to seek out unique and beautiful places which she shares through her blog and now her book, Nearaway Places

Honoring Our Mothers’ Stories

Tuesday, June 5
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

In the process of delving into their mothers’ worlds, the authors of this unique anthology unearthed complex histories filled with love, laughter, trauma, courage, resilience and determination.

Written with heart and honesty, the authors tell their mothers’ stories, complete with their strengths and imperfections, and with special consideration given to how the circumstances and social norms of their mothers’ era both shaped and compelled their mothers’ choices. 

Compassionate Journey: Honoring Our Mothers’ Stories will be presented by authors Maggie Butler, Cheryl Gillespie, Jenny Radsma, Martha Rice, and Jane Sloven.

Please join us for readings and a discussion. Books will be available for sale.

“Huge and beautiful” ~ Monica Wood

“An exceptional read” ~ Meredith Hall

“[A book filled with] light and darkness, of sorrow, anger, tenderness and insight” ~ Michelle Cacho-Negrete

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Now What? A Talk by Author Monica Wood

Tuesday, April 3
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
We are over-the-top excited to have Maine author Monica Wood join us at TML in April. Monica will talk about the role of failure in any creative life, and how failure can both crush and reinvigorate an artist’s dreams. 
Her favorite quote to go with this talk:

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