Otto’s Pizza Founder is In the House!

Thursday, June 28
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Anthony Allen and Mike Keon opened the first OTTO pizza shop on Congress Street in Portland in the 2009 just as the US economy hit bottom.  Defying conventional wisdom, their risk paid off, as Portland-area foodies instantly fell in love with OTTO’s unique approach to pizza.  In just 9 years, OTTO has gained national acclaim for its inventive, culinary-inspired pies, and has grown to 13 locations throughout Maine and Massachusetts, with over 400 employees.  OTTO’s path to fast growth was not without obstacles, and Anthony and Mike continue to work on strengthening the company’s foundation, improving their business systems, and staying relevant in increasingly competitive markets.

Join us as OTTO co-founder Anthony Allen shares the story of OTTO’s humble beginnings, the role that risk (and stubbornness) played in his company’s success, the power of teamwork, and the importance of giving back. 

More about our speaker:
A native of Nantucket, Mass., Anthony Allen founded his first pizzeria there at age 17 and later expanded with a second location on Martha’s Vineyard. His other early pizza adventures included bringing pizza to Tanzania by turning a 55-gallon oil drum into an oven and teaching the locals how to stretch dough and make a pie. He teamed up with Portland resident Mike Keon in 2009 to start OTTO, a partnership that combined Anthony’s decades of pizza experience with Mike’s skills developing creative recipes. OTTO now has 13 locations in Maine and Massachusetts.