Working with Your Thoughts to Treat Anxiety and Depression: Cognitive Skills, with Rachel Weinstein

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Four sessions:
Every other Tuesday from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.:

May 12
May 26
June 9
June 23
We tend to talk to ourselves more harshly and negatively than we talk to anyone else in our lives. This causes us pain–but it’s something that we can learn to change. Rachel Weinstein will be teaching about using cognitive skills to notice when our thinking is contributing to anxiety and depression. Cognitive therapy is based on the fact that we can’t change our feelings–but we can change our thinking habits and how our thinking creates and affects our feelings. Cognitive therapy is one of the most empirically researched therapies and consistently shows significant results when used to treat anxiety and depression. In this series we will learn what “distorted” thinking is and how to identify distortions. We’ll also learn how to “untwist” distorted thinking and begin to create more positive and realistic thinking habits. This isn’t just putting on rose-colored glasses–this is about challenging the ways we let unrealistically negative beliefs and thoughts affect our mood.

Rachel WeinsteinAbout Rachel Weinstein

I graduated with an MA in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO in 2002. Naropa is a Buddhist-inspired university and my program integrated meditation and spirituality with clinical psychology. I moved to Maine that Fall and worked in social work and crisis counseling. In the Spring of 2007 I began my private practice.

I like to talk about the real stuff. There’s not much that offends me or freaks me out. Yoga and meditation are ways I’ve found helpful to separate from the on-going internal chatter most of us have and to arrive back in our lives in real time. In my office I’m happy to teach meditation and sometimes I have clients who enjoy starting a therapy session with a few minutes of meditation to help them get centered on what they want to talk about that day. I love my work and I love living in Maine with my family, two dogs, guinea pig, and 12 chickens.

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