AKME Chats 
with the
Anchorage Public Library

Beginning December 16
via Zoom

We’re SO excited to be collaborating with the Anchorage Public Library for this new virtual conversation series! Each week throughout the winter, we’ll be meeting up virtually to share afternoon coffee and conversation with the library staff, patrons and residents of Anchorage, Alaska. Though separated by 4,500 miles, Alaskans and Mainers all share the experience of persevering through long, cold, dark winters. So rather than go it alone during this difficult season and this year of extreme isolation, we’re joining forces, making friends and bridging the physical divide that separates us.

You’re invited to join us for this experiment in long distance community building, and all you need for the journey is a curious mind. Each Wednesday our libraries will be co-hosting lively conversations with kind, interesting and thoughtful people we might never have had the chance to meet if not for this strange year. And you need not fear the usual conversational pitfalls of boring small talk or uncomfortable subjects: Our librarians will be facilitating these discussions around fun and interesting themes as well as occasional outside materials. And since this year has been hard enough already, all talk of politics and the pandemic are off the table! Come warm your heart and widen your social circle in a friendly, curious atmosphere as we enjoy this rare opportunity to connect from afar. Let’s explore the idea of just how big a Community can be!

We’ll be meeting every Wednesday at 3:00pm via Zoom. Please register by filling out the form below so that we can send you the Zoom link to join. 
We look forward to seeing you!