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One Day: Maine Edition

March 19 :12:00 am - 11:59 pm


Now it’s your turn to help tell the extraordinary story of an ordinary day!

What does an ordinary day in Maine look like?  What surprises, joys, or sorrows does an average day hold?  Join us as we document a single ordinary day in the lives of Mainers (or non-local friends of Maine)!  On Saturday, March 19th, you’re invited to capture a moment, event, or story from your day and send it to us. We’ll compile everyone’s individual moments into a portrait of life on an ordinary day in Maine.  The final product will be screened via Zoom in a Community Showcase on April 20th!
Why March 19th, 2022?
We expect that for most people, March 19th will be a normal day, just another Saturday. But even ordinary days contain moments of beauty, laughter, sadness, and curiosity. We’re looking for those moments. If something BIG happens—by all means, share that with us. If nothing big is happening, share a small moment with us. Is the tree outside your window starting to bud? Snap a pic and send it our way! Did your child’s laughter while watching cartoons catch your ear? Make a quick sound recording. Is the dog being ridiculously cute? Shoot a short video and email it to us! These are the moments that make up a day and in turn make up a life. Our only guideline is that whatever you send us must be appropriate for all ages (PG rating).
What does it mean to ‘capture’ a moment in your day?

You can interpret your “moment” and how you “capture it” however you choose! You can keep it simple or get as creative as you want. For example, you could take a photograph or video of something that catches your attention. Or make a sound recording of something that sings to you. Other ideas include: sketching, writing, painting, or even composing a song inspired by a moment in your day. The sky’s the limit! We encourage you to get the whole family involved—the more people who participate, the richer and more varied the final showcase will be! Click here for complete details and to register!


March 19
12:00 am - 11:59 pm
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