February 4, 2020
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

We all have intuition, and it can guide us in any area of our lives. It is that quiet, inner voice that is nudging us to reach out to someone, to explore a new career, or just to quiet our minds!

In this workshop, offered by Rachel Horton White of Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting, we will talk about how you can develop your intuition you help guide you in any area of your life. Learning to distinguish between doubt and your quiet, inner voice can bring comfort, hope and even transformation as you learn to trust yourself in deep ways. Learning to listen to our feelings is the gateway to trusting ourselves. We will cover how mindfulness meditation helps you open your intuition, and how you can learn to notice little messages in your daily life (in the car, around the house, even at work)!

Please bring a pen and a journal or paper to write on.

Together, we will:

Discuss the difference between the Ego and Higher Self (and how to know which is which)

  • Learn about quick ways to develop your intuition with easy tips to use in everyday life
  • Experience a guided meditation to connect with your “inner advisor”
  • Come up with intentions to continue opening your intuition
  • Share in pairs with another person your intentions
  • Ask questions that are most on your mind!

After learning about some tips to increase your intuitive awareness, you will participate in a guided meditation to connect with your “inner advisor,” and do a writing reflection on how you would like to integrate intuition into your daily life.

After attending this workshop, you likely will:

  • Have a greater understanding of how intuition works in small moments everyday
  • Be better able to release doubt and trust your inner selves
  • Have a plan for how to truly hear your inner guidance
  • Experience healing and peace through a powerful, lasting meeting with your “inner advisor” in a guided meditation
  • Feel more confident in your ability to move forward in life!


Here’s more about Rachel Horton White
Bringing the spiritual into the real world, Rachel Horton White helps people release negative patterns in their lives, with practical tools like mindfulness, energy and intuition exercises, to connect with their true, inner selves.  Through her work in Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting  (www.soulfulworkconsulting.com), Rachel has written articles for worldwide publications such as Wake Up WorldOm Times and Elephant Journal and has a podcast called The Courageous Path. Rachel is a life coach, hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, intuitive reader and tree-hugger. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Wellesley College and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Georgia, Rachel studied Integrative Healing Arts at the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts. She still claims her most powerful education came from studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal. Her greatest teachers these days are her two bright-eyed, energetic children in Portland, Maine.

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