Our seven member committee advises the Library Director of library needs and on the quality and scope of the services provided by the Thomas Memorial Library.  They advocate for adequate support and assist in the formulation of policy. Committee members are local citizens, appointed by the Town Council; each serves a three-year term.

The Thomas Memorial Library Committee meet at 6:30 pm on the third Thursday of each month, except August, in the library’s Conference Room.  The public is welcome to attend.

Current Thomas Memorial Library Committee Members

Gil Brennan 4 Baker Road 12/31/2017
Julia Bassett-Schwerin 35 Trundy Road 12/31/2017
Becky Fernald 313 Mitchell Road 12/31/2018
Deborah Peck 21 Cottage Farms Road 12/31/2018
Sara Hirshon 22 Pilot Point Road 12/31/2019
Jason O’Brien 349 Fowler Road 12/31/2019
Vacant   12/31/2019

Would you like to contact our Committee members?  Please fill out the form below.Staff Contact: Kyle Neugebauer, Director, Thomas Memorial Library

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