The library has three Study Rooms that are available for individual and small group use (up to four people) for discussion and quiet study. Study rooms are not intended to be used for general social activities. Use of study rooms as a place to conduct regular business or as a reliable place to hold office hours is prohibited.


Study rooms are reserved in person or by phone at the main public service desk according to the guidelines listed below. Note: If you are looking to reserve one of our larger meeting rooms (the Community Room or Conference Room,) please click here.

  • A person must be at least 13 years of age to reserve a study room.
  • Study rooms are available for public use beginning when the library opens for the day until thirty minutes before the library closes.
  • Users will be limited to one reservation per day with a maximum time limit of two hours.
  • Any extension beyond two hours in a given day will be made after the time has expired based on availability.
  • A maximum of five advance reservations can be made by any group/individual per one month period to allow for fair use of the reservable rooms.
  • Reservations can be made up to one month in advance.
  • Unoccupied rooms may be reserved on a walk-in, first-come, first-served basis. Please note, however, users with prior reservations take priority. 
  • The needs of the library take precedence over group or individual use of study rooms.
  • All reservations will be made at the discretion of library staff. 

Guidelines for Use

Our guidelines regarding Study Rooms, excerpted from our Meeting Room Policy, are detailed below.

Intended Use

  • Library study rooms are intended for quiet, individual or small group use of between one and four people.
  • Study rooms are not intended to be used for general social activities, such as board games and socializing.
  • Use of study rooms as a place to conduct regular business or as a reliable place to hold office hours is prohibited.

Rules of Use

  • Reservations will be held for fifteen minutes before a room is released for walk-in use.
  • A reserved study room that is left unoccupied for more than fifteen minutes will be considered abandoned, personal belongings will be removed, and the room made available to others as needed. 
  • The library is not responsible or liable for lost, stolen, or damaged private materials or equipment left in study rooms.
  • Personal belongings left in the study rooms will be removed.
  • Furniture may not be brought into or removed from a study room without approval from library staff.
  • Food and drink are permitted in accordance with the Library‚Äôs General Use and Food and Beverage policies.
  • Study rooms must be restored to their original condition, free of trash, after use. 
  • Materials may not be affixed to the walls, ceilings, doors or windows. Decorating, confetti, glitter or other items which make cleaning or vacuuming difficult.
  • Burning candles, incense, pyrotechnics, or any type of open flame is not permitted.


  • Please note the rooms are not soundproof; discussions should take place at a conversational level.
  • The study rooms are intended for the purposes of quiet study and discussion. 
  • If the noise level repeatedly disrupts other users of the library, the individuals causing the excessive noise shall be removed from the study room.
  • Laptops, personal computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices may be used in the study rooms provided the volume controls on such devices are adjusted so as not to disturb others.