taxtimeThe library provides free income tax forms for Federal returns. The tax forms are located in the Main Library below the window on the north side of the building.

The state of Maine no longer provides paper tax forms for public distribution. Maine tax forms, as well as most Federal forms, can be downloaded from library computers for 15ยข page, or downloaded from home for free by following the links below:

Federal Income Tax Forms
Maine State Income Tax Forms

Other Helpful Tax Resources


  • Maine Revenue Services: Easy, convenient access to Maine tax information, including online state tax forms and program applications.
  • Opportunity Maine Program: “A new program that will make college more affordable for Maine students. Beginning with any loans that a student takes in January 2008, he or she will be eligible to claim a large tax credit to pay student loans after they graduate. Businesses are also eligible for the tax credit if they agree to pay a students’ loan.”


  • Internal Revenue Service: Forms and information for filing your Federal Tax Return, plus a wealth of other tax information.
  • AARP Tax Aide: Information on programs and resources, including the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.
  • Yahoo Finance: Taxes: A collection of articles and resource to help you take advantage of deductions and avoid mistakes when filing your taxes. Includes helpful tips, calculators, and other tools.