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Tips to Set Up a Home Aquarium

Saturday, June 23
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Aquariums are a beautiful addition to any home. Have you ever wanted to set up an aquarium but weren’t sure how?

Please join us with aquarium expert Mandie Link to learn tips and tricks for setting up and taking care of a fish tank including tips about water quality and fish compatibility.  

Mandie Link works for New England Aquarium Services and services the aquarium here at TML. She travels from northern Maine to Massachusetts aquascaping and servicing both fresh and salt water aquariums. Her company works on anything from a one gallon fish bowls to 1100 gallon tanks and everything in between, working with the basics of fish and aquatic plants, to the extremes of corals and invertebrates. 

Film: Just Eat It!

Thursday, May 24
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Did you know that 40 percent of the food produced for humans in the U.S. is wasted every year? That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building nearly 100 times. Meanwhile, Maine ranks first in New England in terms of food insecurity, including for children, and the State struggles to manage the costs and impact of our municipal solid waste stream, 43 percent of which is organic material.

Join us for a screening of Just Eat It, a documentary film about food waste. HERE’s the trailer

Following the film, join us for a discussion with Todd Martin from the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM). NRCM’s Sustainable Maine Project is committed to helping individuals, communities, and the state adopt practical measures to address the massive food waste problem because it will help protect our environment and it makes economic sense.

This event is sponsored by the Cape Elizabeth Recycling Committee.

CLICK HERE and scroll down to learn more about our presenter, Todd Martin

The Search and Recovery of JFK Jr, America’s Son

Tuesday, May 29
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
The Inner Workings Behind the Search and Recovery Effort – 
And Why Some People Live and Others Die in an Emergency

Capt. Russell Webster was the Coast Guard’s incident commander for portions of the 1999 search and recovery of JFK Jr.’s plane from waters near Martha’s Vineyard. He will discuss those operations. And, based on his eight years as New England’s first FEMA Federal Preparedness Coordinator, he’ll discuss the science behind how individuals determine risk – and why some live and others die during emergencies.

CLICK HERE and scroll down to learn more about our presenter, Capt. Russell Webster

Honoring Our Mothers’ Stories

Tuesday, June 5
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

In the process of delving into their mothers’ worlds, the authors of this unique anthology unearthed complex histories filled with love, laughter, trauma, courage, resilience and determination.

Written with heart and honesty, the authors tell their mothers’ stories, complete with their strengths and imperfections, and with special consideration given to how the circumstances and social norms of their mothers’ era both shaped and compelled their mothers’ choices. 

Compassionate Journey: Honoring Our Mothers’ Stories will be presented by authors Maggie Butler, Cheryl Gillespie, Jenny Radsma, Martha Rice, and Jane Sloven.

Please join us for readings and a discussion. Books will be available for sale.

“Huge and beautiful” ~ Monica Wood

“An exceptional read” ~ Meredith Hall

“[A book filled with] light and darkness, of sorrow, anger, tenderness and insight” ~ Michelle Cacho-Negrete

CLICK HERE and scroll down to read more about the authors.

Meet The American Eel!

Thursday, June 7
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Maine Wildlife Series

The American Eel is the only species of freshwater eel found in North America. It has survived multiple ice ages and is considered to have the broadest diversity of habitats of any fish species in the world. But regardless of its impressive past, the species has been steadily declining worldwide. 

Berylnna Heres, a PhD student heading up the University of Maine’s research on American Eels, will talk about the importance of this Maine species, the reasons for its decline, and an innovative tool she is developing to help the eels.