Kreitz exhibits in December; sale of work will benefit library’s ‘renaissance’

Dec Artist(From left to right: Lizard Logic, Glub, Gee-ometry, by M. Kreitz)

For the month of December, Cape resident Morris Kreitz will exhibit “Cut and Paste,” a collection of about seventy-five collages made in the past year.

Most pieces are small, with 10” by 10” frames, and are offered for sale at $50 a piece. A number of larger collages will also be included in the show. All proceeds from the sale of these works will be donated to the library.

Kreitz describes his collages as graphic design improvisations. “Some of the compositions are inspired by particular color ways and some by juxtaposing contrasting textures or shapes,” says Kreitz. “Others are riffs on found photographic images. The pieces were not begun with a clear image of an end product; rather, their creation was the result of a sort of ‘doodling,’ using a sharp knife and scraps of paper rather than a pencil or paint.”

The artist says he finds the process very enjoyable, and the results are often quite unexpected. Kreitz hopes others will find these works surprising and fun as well and will adopt one or more of them in support of the Thomas Memorial Library’s “imminent renaissance.”

January Service Disruptions

Under-constructionStarting in January, please be aware that there will be some disruptions in our regular service due to the library renovations. We will be closed the week of January 5 – 12, but our patrons should expect irregular accessibility options for most of the month’s duration. Please bear with us while we transition into our temporary arrangements!