Portrait of Gabriel A. Zimpritch, by Jesus Emmanuel Villareal

Gabriel Adam Zimpritch, by Jésus Emmanuel Villareal


Gabe Zimpritch, a member of the Cape Elizabeth High School Class of 1996, died suddenly on May 2, 1995 during a lacrosse practice. Gabe loved reading, and had a passion for writing poetry.

The Gabriel A. Zimpritch Poetry & Writing Collection was established in his memory. This special collection is comprised of poetry and writing books, periodicals, and other materials to encourage the enjoyment of poetry and to inspire and assist writers.

This collection focuses on poetry by contemporary American poets, but also includes classic works and poetry in translation or written by authors outside the U.S. It also includes a number of resources for working and aspiring writers on writing craft and the business of publishing. We also have subscriptions to Poets & Writers and Creative Nonfiction, as well as issues from a number of literary journals that are free for the taking.

The collection is housed in its own room with a window and a writing table, located to the right of our main desk on the upper floor, just past our movie and audiobook collections. 


Gabriel A. Zimpritch Annual Poetry Symposium

Every year Cape Elizabeth High School invites a select group of students to spend an entire day working with an established poet on their own writing. This day-long symposium culminates in an evening poetry reading featuring the students and their poet mentor. This evening event is open to the public. Information about the next event will be posted in the spring of 2024.

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