The Stier Family Gallery, on the library’s lower level, hosts exhibitions that offer great variety of media, topics, and artists that educate, inform, or entertain the community. Information about our current exhibit is below, followed by information on how to apply to exhibit your work in our gallery.

Currently On Display

Women in Rock
Illustrations by Teresa Lagrange
September 6 – October 31, 2022

Selected Works from the Exhibit

Artist’s Statement

Google “women titles in music” and you will find hundreds of songs from Sarah Mclachlan’s “Adia” to “Walk Away Renee” by The Left Banke. It seems as though the 1970s and 80s were flooded with these epic ‘she’ titles. The Beatles alone were inspired to write such masterpieces as “Michelle,” “Rita the Meter Maid,” “Eleanor Rigby,” and who can forget “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?” Over the last four years, I have illustrated and painted more than thirty works inspired by songs and several have happy new homes—including “Eleanor Rigby,” “Darling Nikki,” and “Guinevere.” I hope you enjoy learning the stories behind these iconic women in rock. Much of the information I compiled is from All these illustrations are limited edition archival Giclée prints.

About the Artist

Teresa Lagrange attended the University of Maine and has worked as a graphic designer, book designer, and illustrator for thirty years and taught classes to children in painting and animation. She grew up listening to musicians of the 60s and 70s—thanks to her eight older siblings. For more info about the artist, visit her website or send her an email


Information for Prospective Artists/Exhibitors

The Stier Family Gallery consists of two wall display areas (with a rail/cord hanging system) and a large display case divided into 5 segments. More detailed space plans are available in the gallery application.

  • All interested artists are strongly encouraged to make a site visit prior to submitting a proposal. Artists are able to use part or all of the gallery space available. Please note, if an artist is only using part of the space (i.e. only the display cases), another artist’s work may be displayed elsewhere in the Gallery.
  • Any interested party in utilizing the gallery must submit an application to the Library Director. 
  • Applications are accepted any time of year. Exhibits are scheduled on a “first come, first serve” basis. Please note that at times of high demand, the gallery may be scheduled months in advance.
  • Given the public viewing of the gallery, the subject matter of any show must be appropriate for children as well as adults, therefore explicit images are not permitted in gallery shows. The Library Director reserves the right to reject or remove any material(s) that seem incongruent with the public nature of the gallery. In the event that the Library Director rejects or removes any material(s) for exhibit, that decision is final.

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