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We offer a number of meeting spaces for public use. These spaces are three Study Rooms, the Community Room, and the Conference Room. 

Study Rooms 

We have three study rooms that are available for individual and small group use (up to four people) for discussion and quiet study. Study rooms are not intended to be used for general social activities. Use of study rooms as a place to conduct regular business or as a reliable place to hold office hours is prohibited. These rooms are reserved in person or by phone at the main public service desk. Click here for more information about these spaces.

Conference and Community Rooms

These spaces are used for meetings and programs of an educational, informational, cultural, or civic nature to enhance the library’s role as an institution that connects people with information. These two rooms are primarily used for library-sponsored programs and events, but are also reservable for use by the public, and by Town of Cape Elizabeth Boards and Committees. Public use is limited to Cape Elizabeth community or nonprofit organizations with a target audience that includes Cape Elizabeth. Nonprofit organizations with headquarters outside Cape Elizabeth, but with a service area or constituents in Cape Elizabeth, may also make reservations with the following restriction: a Cape Elizabeth resident affiliated with the group must be named as a local contact. Meeting rooms are not to be used for private social gatherings (such as showers, birthday parties, etc.,) personal or private profit, advertising or solicitation of business, or advertising of a commercial product.

Meetings booked by community groups must conform to the library’s scheduled operating hours. Meeting room use cannot begin before the library opens, except for library events and Town activities, and must end at least fifteen minutes before the library closes. After-hours use is available for TML programming and activities, Town of Cape Elizabeth Boards and Committees, or at the discretion of the Library Director.



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