Cloud Library movies through biblio plus

The Thomas Memorial Library is pleased to provide access to Cloud Library Movies through Biblio+, a new service that is made possibly by the Thomas Memorial Library Foundation.

With your TML Card, you now have free and unlimited access to an exciting, ad-free catalogue of groundbreaking film and captivating television, as well as LIT Videobooks, documentary-like video presentations of beststelling nonfiction books developed by Emmy award-winning filmmakers.

Accessing this service is easy with your TML Card!


You can now stream movies on a laptop or desktop computer!
Just go to the TML CloudLibrary webpage, click on Movies, and enter your library card number! Download instructions here.

Streaming Movies Using the CloudLibrary app

CloudLibrary Movies through Biblio+ has been integrated into the CloudLibrary app.  Follow the instructions below on how to access this service on your phone or other mobile device.

Step One:

  • If you are already using cloudLibrary to download eBooks and audiobooks, you already have access to cloudLibrary movies and there is no need to create or login with a new account. You will, however, need to make sure you have the most recent version of the app installed on your device, and you will need to log out and log back into your account.
  • If you have never used cloudLibrary, simply download the free cloudLibrary app on your mobile device and login with your TML card number.

Step Two: At the bottom of your screen you will see the following additional options:

Comics and Movies icons

  • Clicking on Comics takes you to the Library Pass app where you can access free digital comics and graphic novels through Comics Plus.
  • Clicking on Movies takes you straight to the Biblio+ movie library–there is no need to access another app or website.

Step Three: Browse the collection and select a movie or other content you’d like to view.

Step Four: Mirror your device to your smart TV!


Streaming Content to Your TV

Click here for updated instructions on how to stream content to your TV.

Note: Bibliotheca, the creator of CloudLibrary, is working on an app for smart TVs. Currently, you can stream to your TV by using Apple Airplay, or mirroring. These instructions will show you how!

Things to know:

  • You must have cloudLibrary version 5.7 for Android or iOS for the movie integration to work. Older versions of the app will not allow to view movies.
  • Your device software needs to be updated to the app minimums (Android 5 and iOS 11) for the most recent version of the cloudLibrary app to be installed.
  • Currently, the Android version of the app does not have a casting icon. ‘Casting’ from Android will need to be done via Google Mirroring, a process which is highlighted in the above instructions, but if you have a Samsung tablet and Samsung TV, this can also be done through the Samsung SmartThings.

We are grateful to the TML Foundation for making this service possible!