Animal Advocates Club 2018

cat and puppy

For kids in grades 3 – 6

Kids meet monthly with Felicia Mazzone from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, along with a live animal friend from the shelter. Learn about the work that the shelter does, and help Felicia with projects to benefit shelter animals.

Meeting Dates
The club meets one Thursday a month from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m

October 17: ARLGP Intro- What do we do as a shelter
November 15: What pets need, choosing a pet
December 20: Holiday ornaments for pets
January 17: Careers for people who like to work with animals
February 14: Valentine’s treats for pets
March 21: Animal safe candy choices
April 25: Making toys for pets
May 16: Shelter Helpers Project to benefit shelter animals

No registration necessary!

Meet Violet, the Turkey Vulture

Thursday, January 10
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Turkey Vultures are large, with a wing-span that can reach 6 feet! They are often seen circling in the air over roads and fields and can be identified by their teetering, unsteady flight. Their head is red and mostly bald, with a white, hooked beak you can see straight through!

Violet, the Turkey Vulture, came to the Center for Wildlife in 2016 from Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, MA. She was found unable to fly due to a leg fracture that most likely happened after she was struck by a car. She loves to sit and gaze out at the vernal pools behind her enclosure and is bright and curious toward visitors.

Turkey Vultures are found throughout North and South America, and can be found anywhere that provides adequate food i.e. dumps, roadways, and construction sites. Turkey Vultures cannot make traditional calls, but do hiss, grunt and make guttural whines when confronted over food. 

Turkey Vultures are protected nationwide as a beneficial scavenger. You can help Turkey Vultures survive by not throwing apple cores or other food items out of car windows and not using rodenticide or pesticide as those can poison our raptor friends. Not using lead weights and shot also help our carrion eaters who often get lead poisoning from eating animals with the shot and weights in them.

Come meet Violet, the Turkey Vulture, and learn more about this magnificent creature at this Maine Wildlife Series talk.