Make Your Own Summer!

2020 Summer Reading Program

Dates: July 1st – August 31st

During the months of July and August, young readers are encouraged to join Thomas Memorial Library’s annual summer reading program. This year’s theme is “Make Your Own Summer” and takes on a new and exciting format! Readers will receive a summer adventure journal, postcards, and reading log to get them started. There is also an early literacy activity sheet for babies and toddlers.  

How does it work?  

Register for Summer Reading using the form below!

Register for each child, and choose an appropriate starter packet to pick up at the Library: 

  • Early Literacy Pack (ages 0-3)
  • General Summer Reading Program (ages 3-11).

Kids 3+ who are not yet reading on their own may sign up for the Summer reading program and keep track of the time someone spends reading to them!


This year there are four components to “Make Your Own Summer” fun.

Here’s what they are and how they work: 

A “Make Your Own Summer” Journal

Plant the seeds of imagination this summer! We hope you enjoy this journal. Fill the pages with ideas, dreams, doodles and anything that inspires a sense of wonder.

Beginning July 1st, participate in #TMLKidsCreate with weekly prompts posted on the Library’s Facebook page. Send us pictures ( of your journal over the summer and we’ll share them!

A Summer Reading Log & Prizes

Fill in the log by coloring in a square for each 20 minutes read! You will have read 1,000 minutes by the end of the summer. Yahoo!

There are four prizes to earn during this year’s summer reading. You may simply ask for the ones you have earned when you stop by the Library for curbside pick-up. Please specify you’re requesting:

Prize #1: Super cool I LOVE READING bracelet

Prize #2: Rubber ducky DRAGONS

Prize #3:Teeny-tiny SLIME

Prize #4: Squishy, stretchy YO-YO

ALTERNATE PRIZE OPTION! If you have a child that is younger, you may always request a mini-WikkiStix packet. What are Wikki Stix? Simply stated…they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Wikki Stix are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline, food-grade non-toxic wax… the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick.

Summer Update Postcards

Send summer updates and cool artwork using the TML summer reading postcards! You will receive 3 in your starter pack, which you can send us via snailmail or snap a photo and email to Megan Smith ( We will display and share your artwork on our website and social media, but mostly want to hear and see what your creative kids are doing this summer! 

Early Literacy Fun


Register for an early literacy packet to receive a sheet of activities to enjoy with your babies and toddlers, ages 0-3. You will receive a FREE prize: an “Indestructibles” book for your child’s home library! “Indestructibles,” published by Workman Publishing Group, are Rip Proof, Chew Proof, 100% Washable books for babies!

Last but not least. . . Virtually Visit!

Need ideas for what to read? What to show off your favorite book?

Email Megan with questions, news, photos, and discoveries (

General FAQs

What do I have to read?  The theme for this year’s program is “Make Your Own Summer” so you can read anything you like! You can also count listening to someone reading to you, or listening to audio books. You do not need to read only library books or count library materials. 

What happens when I finish the program?  You can pick up a finisher’s medal that you can decorate yourself to celebrate all the reading you did this summer! Hoorah! 

May I complete the program more than once?   Because we have to make sure there are enough prizes for everyone, you may only complete the program once. However, you may email Megan ( for a second map to keep track of your reading on your own and come up with your own prizes!