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Living most of his teenage and adult life in light polluted Los Angeles and San Francisco, Ara Jerahian moved to Maine 6 years ago with his family and rekindled his love of astronomy due to the still accessible dark skies of Maine.  In 2018, Ara started taking pictures of the hidden jewels of our night sky and, on July 3, 2020, NASA selected one of his photographs as the Astronomy Photograph of the Day from the tens of thousands of amateur and professional astrophotography submissions NASA receives each day.

Throughout the month of October, Ara’s deep-sky astrophotographs, shot from his backyard here in Cape Elizabeth, will be on display in the library’s Stier Family Art Gallery. Join Ara and Thomas Memorial Library for this online introduction to Ara’s first-ever exhibition, entitled “Altar to the Stars.” Ara will discuss his interest in astronomy with an exploration of his astrophotographs and the process of astrophotography.

About Ara

Ara Jerahian is one of the Directors and the Secretary of the Southern Maine Astronomers and is actively involved in public outreach, fighting light pollution and preserving our dark Maine skies.



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