Under the Sea Read and Bead Challenge

This year’s summer reading program for kids features a brand new challenge. Keep track of your reading and earn beads and brag tags to add to your summer reading necklace

Show off your reading skills!

Stop by the library beginning June 20 to register. Pick up a reading log, a necklace, and one of our special brag tags–then get started on your summer reading adventure!

bead bank

When you read, mark off your time on the reading log and come in to visit the “Bead Bank” to create your own customized SRP necklace. 

Reading levels:

  • 15 minutes (neon color pony bead)
  • 30 minutes (sparkly pony bead)
  • 1 hour (metallic pony bead)
  • 2 hours (glow in the dark pony bead)
  • 4 hours (shape bead)
  • Every 4 hours = brag tag!

level up

Level up as you read!

Example: If you read for 30 minutes on Monday and earn a sparkly bead, then read for another 30 minutes on Tuesday and earn another sparkly bead, you can trade those in for a metallic bead, if you wish! 


Plan a design!

Here are some examples:

  • A pattern of sparkly and solid
  • Bead, shape, bead, shape
  • Etc. 


Take note

You must bring your log to visit the bead bank!

If you are exchanging beads to “level up” you must have the beads with you to deposit back into the bead bank. 



Who can participate in Summer Reading?

Summer Read and Bead Challenge is open to ages 5 and up. If beads present a hazard, children 5 and under can participate in Adopt a Reading Buddy. Babies can enjoy a complimentary book upon request. Teens and adults have their own program!

How do I start?

Register at the children’s desk starting on June 20! 

My child can’t read independently yet. Can they participate in the Read and Bead Challenge or Adopt a Reading Buddy?

Yes! Any amount of time they are read to also counts towards their reading log.

How do I log the minutes and hours I read?

Mark your paper log and when you have a few circles filled in, stop by the Bead Bank! Library staff will check off your paper log each time you visit for beads.

What counts as reading?

You can read by yourself or out loud to another person. You can listen to an audio book or listen to someone else read to you.​ Anything with words (and/or pictures) can count towards your minutes read.


Adopt a Reading Buddy

During the week of June 20, Reading Buddies for children under 5 will be available to “adopt” from the library.  The only criteria required is that the child agrees to read with their reading buddy for 15 minutes every day, and you can keep track with a reading log all summer long!