Community Wellness Toolkit

Join us for a series of online discussions facilitated by community professionals who will share science-based tools for handling stress and worry during uncertain times. Each program will begin with some educational information about how stress affects us and coping skills we can use, followed by a brief mindfulness exercise, and a discussion in which participants can connect with others and get support.  

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Normal Human Responses to a Global Pandemic
That Do Not Need to Be Pathologized or Treated as Abnormal

  • Food and eating challenges & difficulties
  • Resurgence of compulsive or addictive behaviors
  • Obsessive or intrusive thoughts, memories, or fears
  • Generalized fear, anxiety, panic & overwhelm
  • Depression, dissociation or loneliness or isolation
  • Sense of loss of control or powerlessness. Feeling confused.
  • Anxiety around money, shelter, food, and other survival needs
  • Past traumas being triggered, activated or re-experienced
  • Health anxiety heightened (about Covid19 and otherwise)
  • Feeling unheard or unseen amidst the flood of stories
  • Feeling like existing chronic needs are being ignored
  • Thoughts and feelings about death and dying
  • New and old grief surfacing
  • Feelings of anger, irritation and frustration
  • Caring for everyone to own detriment. Compassion fatigue
  • Feeling exhausted, fatigued, unmotivated, lethargic
  • Hyper-focus, surges of energy, keeping ‘doing’ to distract
  • Immune system depleted, other illnesses starting, chronic flares

And if you need support with any of it,
that’s okay, too.

From Trauma & Co.