October 6, 2016
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

CoyoteGeri Vistein, a Maine-based conservation biologist, will join us for a fascinating audiovisual presentation that explores this important, resilient carnivore and its presence here in Maine.

Geri will discuss the complex interrelationship of coyotes and humans, touching upon anthropology, archaeology, prehistoric and modern history, Native American life, poetry, human psychology, wildlife science and ecology, and much more.

Come hear the songdogs sing!

The program will also give the audience a chance to ask questions and share a dialogue that will help us to understand better our very deep-rooted relationships with all life, including our fellow humans.

About Geri Vistein

Geri Vistein received her undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana, and her Masters in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont. Her Masters work focused on the conflict over hunting at Cape Cod National Seashore and the social psychology of human belief systems.

Geri Vistein

Geri Vistein

While living in Montana she participated in research projects concerning carnivores: The Grizzly Bear DNA Study in and around Glacier National Park, The Elk Calf Mortality Study (determining the carnivores that caused their deaths) in the Blackfoot Valley of Montana, and a Snowshoe Hare Study (in reference to an ongoing Lynx study) in Yellowstone National Park. In addition to her field work in the West, she was employed by Red Lodge Clearinghouse, a collaborative effort in the West that brings diverse groups of stakeholders together. Participants create projects that involve “thinking out of the box” in order to find solutions on behalf of land and wildlife protection.

Prior to pursuing her wildlife degree, Geri had earned a Masters in Education. In addition to her experience educating children in the mainstream classroom, she also gave presentations to diverse audiences throughout Maine on behalf of Living Earth Learning Programs out of Boston concerning humane education, environmental and endangered species issues.

I Am Coyote, by Geri VisteinGeri is also the author of the recent children’s novel (which is appropriate for adults as well,) I Am Coyote (Tilbury House, 2015.) Described by Kirkus reviews as “An imaginative re-creation of the life of one of the first coyotes to inhabit Maine….A sensitive, passionate story told from an intriguing point of view.”





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