September 28, 2013
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Remember when you were younger and the outside just called to you? Mud puddles were a delight, fireflies were magical, and you watched the chatty squirrel for hours?

Come spend a few hours returning to that childlike curiosity…

Nature journal pages

Pages from some of Sharon Gallant’s nature journals

We will go through a number of exercises to awaken your senses and enhance your ability to record observations. After creating our journal, we will venture outside and practice by exploring nearby trails.

Come find a reason to “run away from home” for a few minutes every day! 

Master Naturalist Sharon Gallant presented such a fabulous workshop this past summer, we thought we’d have her back again for a fall session.  Sharon will teach participants how to start and maintain a personal nature journal.  Part of the three hour workshop will take place outside, and participants observe and record their observations of the natural world around us.  Sharon will also share her own beautiful journals with the class, as well as those of some of her students. All art materials and sketchbooks for the workshop will be provided.

This workshop Is for adults  (High School Students are also welcome!)

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