If you feel you belong to a group in society that has experienced stigma, stereotyping, or prejudices, the library and DEI Committee invite you to learn more about the project and consider applying to become a Human Book. The topics relevant for publication include but are not limited to ethnicity, religious belief, gender, mental and physical health, lifestyle, disability, and traumatic experiences. The Human Library® also publishes topics subject to heavy taboos, including victims of domestic and sexual violence, or grief-related topics. Human Books will undergo online training with the Human Library Organisation in Denmark and receive support from library staff and DEI Committee members before and during the event. If you think you might be interested in becoming a Human Book, please fill out the application below, and someone from the library or DEI Committee will be in touch with you to schedule an initial interview.

Have questions? Please contact Rachel Davis.

Please note: You must be at least 18 years old to be a Human Book.

In the Human Library, every Book is unique and can choose their own Book Title (topic) based on their experiences. A Book has a short and accurate Title, that is easy for the Readers to grasp. The Title should reflect the experience of stigma, stereotyping, or prejudice. A Title cannot include wordplays or poetic features as these often mislead or confuse the Reader about the topic of the Reading. A few examples of Titles previously published at the Human Library are: Ex- convict, Bisexual, Non-binary, Police Officer, Alcoholism, Schizophrenic, Jewish, Indigenous, Orphan, and ADHD. The Human Library is responsible for vetting and preparing the content of a Book before publication. This means all Books are trained and prepared to engage with the Readers.