Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship: A Four-Part Series

March 21 – April 11
6:30 – 8:00pm
via Zoom

Feeling lost in today’s media landscape? In this four-part workshop, presented in partnership with the team at NewseumED, participants will dive into the complexity of digital citizenship, including the threat of falling for fake information. Exploring media literacy through a First Amendment focus, this series will cover: 

Monday, March 21: Media Ethics: Think Like a Journalist considers the ethical issues journalists face as they strive to be accurate, fair and clear. Utilizing real-life case studies, participants grapple with issues journalists may encounter, including privacy, anonymous sources and the pressure to be first.

Monday, March 28: ESCAPE Junk News explores the problem of misinformation in today’s media landscape. Consider: What qualifies as “fake” news? Why should you care what’s real and what’s not? How can the motivations behind news stories shape the content?

Monday, April 4: The Bias Meter: Win the Battle for Your Brain asks a critical question: What are the qualities of fair news coverage? Learn how to assess word choice, use of context and counterpoints to make informed, impartial evaluations of news in print, online and on social media sources.

Monday, April 11: Disinformation Nation: Detecting Propaganda, Defeating Emotional Manipulation looks at the methods propaganda uses to worm its way into our brains by exploring four universal techniques for manipulating human emotions. Participants will explore practical strategies to combat propaganda and improve the quality of their information ecosystem.

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About NewseumED offers free resources to cultivate the First Amendment and media literacy skills essential to civic life. They help teach how to authenticate, analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources and put current events in historical context through standards-aligned lesson plans, videos, primary sources, virtual classes and programs. Their online tools make history, civics and media literacy relevant to students’ lives. NewseumED use the First Amendment as a springboard to illuminate the challenges of democracy and the importance of making informed decisions in a diverse and demanding world. Through their programs and online tools, they now reach more than 11 million students, teachers and lifelong learners around the globe. NewseumED travels around the country and the globe to present on media literacy and First Amendment topics, ranging from how to lead conversations about controversial topics to the perils of propaganda.

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