First Thursday of each Month

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 14*
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
via Zoom

Are you beset by U.F.O.s in your life?? Tired of having to make excuses or explain about them to friends and family? Fed up with waking in the middle of the night, unable to rest because U.F.O.s are always on your mind? Well, fear not, because TML is here to help you blast those space invaders into another dimension! Calling all crafters: Join us starting in January for this brand new monthly meetup where we can share, plan, commiserate and discuss all the Unfinished Objects in our lives! As any crafter worth their fat quarters can tell you, U.F.O.s = Unfinished Objects (of the Crafty Kind). Got more than your fair share of lingering, long-delayed craft projects you just can’t ever seem to get finished? The U.F.O. Accountability Group is just what you need. Come gather with other crafters to share your struggles, ideas and triumphs, and most importantly — to be held accountable for actually putting some time into your crafty creations each month. All crafts and crafting abilities are welcome. Join us as we fight the never-ending battle against the U.F.O.s!

*If you’re interested in attending, but this day or time doesn’t work with your schedule, please email us here and let us know.

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