scattered purple stars

Open to Ages 18 and Under

DId you have a blast with TML’s 2 Sentence Horror Story Contest in October? Get ready for the eclipse with our next writing challenge!

In 200 words or less, write a very short story or poem about the night, destiny, or the dead of winter. Imagine celestial bodies, the follies of fate, and cold winter nights. Your very short story could be about any of the above! Set a tone, create an atmosphere, warm us or chill us with your words. Maybe it’s your brief take on a doomed romance like Romeo and Juliet, or a sci-fi short about an astronaut caught in the evening sky. Think astronomy, astrology, dark and stormy nights. Let your imagination take you into the hours of darkness and starlight, into realms of fantastical fates or wintry worlds.

Submit your very short story online by March 31 for your chance to win a prize and have your work displayed at the library and on our website!

This contest is open to all ages under 18 years.

Happy writing!

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